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People are texting me but their messages aren't showing in my inbox.

Found in: Inboxing

Only messages sent from existing subscribers will be captured in your inbox. If they are not a subscriber, we don't know who's inbox to put the chat message into. People cannot randomly text our shortcode without being officially subscribed to a set list. How do we know what list they're on? We separate by keyword.

For example, if you text the word BURGER to 31996, you'll be added to the list of the person who owns that keyword. Even if this person owns multiple lists, you will not be added to their PANCAKE list for example. You will only join the BURGER list, and only receive communication associated with that keyword.

Remember, this is still a form of marketing. Our platform should not be used for one on one, back and forth communication with friends or family. It's not built for that purpose.

You're in excellent hands. We work with some of the world's greatest companies.