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Mobile Coupons - Step 4: Redemption Screen

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Step 4: Redemption Screen

Arguably the most important part of your coupon, the redemption screen is a key part of tracking used offers and preventing against abuse (multiple use) of deals and promotions.


Redemption Type?

Standard - This is simply just a self made code entry (redemption code), same as a promo code or a code to use online

Barcode - Choosing this option will open a drop down below. Here, you are able to create a barcode for the self made code entry (redemption code). If this code entry aligns with the code entry in your POS system and you are using a barcode format that your POS scanner can read (scan), your scanner will be able to scan this code during the checkout process. Your POS system will then deduct the offer from the total.

Image - With this option, you are able to upload another image. This is helpful as your POS system may scan barcodes, but may not accept any of the available formats that are built into the coupon. Here, you can upload a high resolution image of your barcode as a jpg. or png. format, making this coupon scannable by your POS system's scanner.


Redemption Action

Remind your customers of the call to action. How do they use the code?

For example: Use code below at checkout, associate scan code below, show at checkout to redeem, etc.


Redemption Code

This is the promo code itself that the barcode would represent. This is customizable by you, but should match up with the code in your POS system (where applicable) to validate the use of the offer. If your POS system is not set up to scan a barcode, this code is simply just a place holder. Simply hit the "complete redemption" button located at the bottom of the redemption screen to complete the redemption.

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