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If I Reply STOP, Does It Remove Me Off All Lists?

The reply of STOP only removes a subscriber from the last listed they had an interaction with. The user may continue to reply STOP as often as they would like, each time removing themselves from the previous list they are associated with. To be removed from all text lists on a specific shortcode number, simply reply STOP ALL at any time.

If a subscriber is present on multiple lists within a single account and they were manually added, uploaded, or join via API call then when the subscribe replies STOP it will remove them off all textword lists form that account. If they reply STOP again it will move to the previously interacted textword, if they are on one, from other users' accounts. If they have opted-in by text-to-join or web opt-in form, then when they reply STOP it will be based on last interaction.

Lastly, you are able to reply: STOP TEXTWORD, replacing textword with the textword for the list you are on. This allows you to remove yourself from a specific list.


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