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If a Customer Replies to a Mass Text, Will I Be Able to Answer Them?

By default, your account is positioned to be used as an outbound messaging tool only. The shortcode number associated with your SlickText account has been provisioned to be used for mass texting purposes. If a user was to respond back to an outbound message you had sent, they would be met with a response stating: "That is not a valid textword. Make sure to check the spelling and that all signatures are turned off." This happens as our system tries to identify whether or not that user is attempting to join another text list in the system.

Inbound messaging and 2-way communications is not a core use for the number. However, the option is available and easily turned on in your account. To enable the 2-way communication tool called Inboxing, simply click on your account profile at the top right of your SlickText account. From there, click on My Account. Inboxing will appear as one of the options labeled on the left. Click here and turn the 2-way communication tool to On.

With this on, subscribers can now message you back. All inbound messages will land in your inbox. There is no deduction from your text allotment for the inbound messages.

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