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I Want Subscribers to Receive the Auto-Reply More Than Once. How Do I Do This?

Found in: Auto Replies

Not a problem! Just for some quick info, the auto reply, or the confirmation text to joining your text list, is defaulted to only send out 1 time to a given subscriber. This is regardless of whether the user opts out and then back in, or attempts to join your list again and again while already being on the list. The idea behind why this happens is prevent your subscribers from abusing the auto reply, potentially abusing your coupon offers and deals.

To turn off the One Per Person (Auto Responder for you techy people) feature, simply go to your textword settings (textwords -> options -> settings), and from there you can find the One Per Person option on the left-hand side. Once clicked, simply turn this feature to off, meaning the subscribers will now be able to receive your auto reply multiple times.

The One Per Person feature is a textword specific feature. This means if you want all textwords to have this feature off, its necessary to edit this setting for each textword.


Not picking up what we are putting down? Check out the One Per Person walkthrough!

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