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I'm On Two Text Lists. How Do I Opt Out of One But Not the Other?

It's widely known that replying STOP to any texting service will remove you from said service's text list. However, sometimes multiple organizations use the same shortcode number to send their messages from. The trick to removing yourself from 1 organization's messages while not removing yourself from the other is simple. When you reply STOP, you are removing yourself from the text list which you had most recently received a message from.

SlickText does this right for you as a customer. Whenever you reply STOP, our system will remove you automatically from the text list. You will then receive 1 more text, as allotted by the CTIA, informing you of your removal from the list.

Other organizations not using SlickText may not be so lucky. Many mass texting providers place the burden of removing subscribers onto the organization itself. This can and does lead to spam messages and violations or privacy after a STOP message has been sent. Lions and tigers and spam, OH MY!

You're in excellent hands. We work with some of the world's greatest companies.

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