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How to Choose a Winner(s) For the Text to Win Contest

SlickText's Text to Win Contest feature is widely used acrossed a variety of industries. The Contest feature itself allows for a randomly selected winner(s) to be selected based on the time of your choosing during the set up of the feature. 

However, there are many scenarios in which you would prefer the system NOT to choose the winner. To make this happen, change 1 easy step in your contest set up; change the number of winners chosen by the system to "0". At this point, the contest will not define anyone as a winner (or loser), which means no winning or losing messages will be sent out.

The next common question that arises from this is choosing your own winner. SlickText offers a "Single Send" option, allowing for a single text to be sent out to a single subcribers. Navigate to your contacts, filter by textword used in the contest, and simply click a random number to open a single send message box. When the box appears, simply compose your winning message and hit send. Bombs away!

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