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How Many Contests Should I Run Per Month?

Contests are a great way to engage with all persons; customers and leads. Contests require no entry fee, or need to make a purchase to receive an offer. Contests also level the playing field as all entrants are eligible to win. Because of this, text to win contests are a perfect way to start growing your text list immediately.

A good idea would be to run a single contest in your first few months of using Slicktext, offering 1 highly valued prize per week. The contest would then run for 4 weeks, allowing 4 winners to be chosen.

While you are able to run 1 contest for a given textword at any time, we recommend changing campaigns from time to time. Occassionally, offer a text to win contest for a high-end prize, and other times use the auto reply to send out a coupon offer. A/B testing is a key component in growing a business and finding successful marketing strategies.

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