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How Does Age Verification Work?

Age verification is a simple, yet effective feature which allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure only users meeting age requirements for your text list are able to join. If you sell products or send content that requires subscribers to be over a certain age, simply turn on the age requirement option and set the minimum age. From this point on, subscribers will be required to text in their birthdate before they can receive any other communication.

This setting can be found on the Textword Settings page. You can get there by clicking Textwords in your dashboard, then clicking Options and Settings next to the textword you want to work with. Age verification will be on the left hand side, and is as simple as flipping a switch.

Age Verification

An important note. Age verification does NOT take the place of any local, state, or federal laws requiring proof of ID at the time of purchase. Make sure to stay compliant with all laws as normal for the industry you are in.

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