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How Do I Set Up the Drip Feature?

Found in: FAQs

Drip campaigns allow you to send automated text messages to subscribers at specific points in time after subscribing to a text word list.

To set up your Drip Campaign, simply follow the steps below:

1- Go to Textwords. Select Options and then Settings on the right side of the textword you're working with.
2- Click Drip Campaigns then Create New Drip Campaign.
3- Create a Campaign Name, which only you will see.
4- Create your message, which can also include a dynamic expiration date if needed.  You can also include a picture message if desired.
5- Finally, choose when you want the drip to go out. For example, you can set the drip message to go out XX days after someone subscribes.
6- Be sure to confirm your campaign status is set to active, and save your campaign.

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