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How do I set up a website widget?

Found in: Website Widgets

A website widget is a snippet of code that you can copy and paste onto your webpage. It allows visitors to sign up for you text message marketing list on the spot. It’s yet one more easy way to build your list with little to no effort.

To create a website widget, click the Marketing Tools button on the left hand side of your Dashboard homepage. From there, click the green Create a Widget button.

You'll then start creating your widget. When putting together your website widget, you’ll have two different options.

You can choose to include a dropdown list of all your textwords so your visitors can choose which list they sign up for, or you can automatically pick the textword list they will sign up for.

After you've made your selection, a box will appear with your HTML website code snippet. Simple copy that code, and paste in on your website. You can put the widget on the homepage or another location, depending on where it would be the most relevant.

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