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How do I customize my web widget?

Found in: Website Widgets

When you generate the code for a Web Signup Widget it will only show the field for cell phone. That is the first and primary piece of information needed to signup for a text list. The cell phone field will always show but there are other things you may want to capture as well.

You can add many additional fields to your Web Signup Widget such as, first name, last name, birthday, email and many others. To customize your Web Signup Widget you will need to add the correct query strings to the end of your widget URL.

The, 'Widget URL' exists inside the embed code that is generated from the, 'Create a Widget' page. Once you have the Web Signup Widget generated you will notice a link located between quotes. In the example below you can see the Web Signup Widget Link highlighted in blue.

Example 1:

Powered by SlickText.com

You can use the below list of query strings to add aditional fields to your Web Signup Widgets. Be aware that as you add more fields you will need to increase the height parameter inside the embed code. You will need to increase it so the fields fully show. For every field you add, you should increase the height by 80 pixels. Notice in the example below we increase the height from 230 to 300 from the previous example.

Example 3:

Powered by SlickText.com


Query Strings

Birthday Field: &birthdate=1 

eMail Field: &email=1 

First Name Field: &first_name=1 

Last Name Field: &last_name=1 

City Field: &city=1 

State Field: &state=1 

Zip Code Field: &zip=1

Custom Field 1: &var=1

Custom Field 2: &var2=1

Custom Field 3: &var3=1

Custom Field 4: &var4=1

Custom Field 5: &var5=1

Change Button Color: &button_color=INSERT HEX COLOR CODE NUMBER HERE

Change Text Color (for dark colored backgrounds): &text_color=f00


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