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How do I change my textword?

Found in: Textwords

Option A: If your list has no subscribers

From the homepage of your dashboard click Textwords. There you will see a button on the far right side of your Textword that says Options. Click that, and then click Delete. When you delete a textword, you lose all your contacts and saved settings for that list. Make sure this is what you want to do. Once you delete your textword you will free up an unused textword. Then you can setup a new textword.

Option B: If your list has subscribers

First, setup a new textword. Then you will want to merge your contacts over to the new textword by using our merge feature. To do this, go to the, Textwords page and click the green button in the upper right hand corner that says Setup New Textword. If you are out of textwords, you may need to upgrade. Once you've setup a new textword and copied the settings, we can merge the contacts over.

Go to the Contacts page and hover over the wrench symbol on the right that says, "Contacts Tools Menu". You will see a dropdown box appear, and within that dropdown box you will see a merge option. Click on the merge option. On the next page, follow the instructions and you will have successfully merged your contacts to your new textword. Once you have successfully merged your contacts go back and delete your old textword.

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