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How Do I Capture My Subscribers' Birthdays?

Capturing your subscribers' birthday information has never been easier, now that you are using SlickText. The Birthday Capture tool allows you to automatically prompt your subscribers to submit their birthday which in turn adds them to the birthday club. If automation is what you are looking for, this feature is the way to go because an automated birthday text, composed by you, will send out to the users on or before their birthday; your choice.

To access the birthday feature, simply head into a given textword's settings. Textwords -> Options -> Settings. The Birthday Capture feature will be found on the left hand side. Now you can go in and compose the birthday auto reply which is sent out only seconds after the main auto reply. We highly recommend you add your spice of life into this message, but keep in mind the birthday format is specific and cannot be altered: MM/DD/YYYY


Can I Capture Birthdays For Subscribers That Are Already On My List?

Yes! The Birthday Capture is also made to be used retroactively. This means you are able to capture birthdays for users who are currently subscribed to your text list, but who's birthday information is missing. Perhaps you did not turn on the birthday feature when initially setting up user flow, or maybe you simply want to ask for the birthday information of those who did not respond when initially prompted.

To work the b-day feature in this manner, you will first want to create a segment. A segment is when you identify a group of people based on specific criteria. The criteria in this case is: Birthday is not captured.


Creating Your Segment

To create this "birthday not captured" segment, start by clicking on textwords -> options -> segments. Let's title your segment: Birthday Not Captured

  • Dimension: Birthday
  • Condition: Is Not
  • Value: Captured

Now simply head over to Send a Message, target the textword which the segment was made for, then target the segment. Make sure the birthday capture feature is ON. Then send out a text asking users for their birthday, responding with MM/DD/YYYY format. When users respond, their birthday information will automatically be added to their subscriber profile and your segment numbers will automatically be adjusted based on who still meets the criteria of "birthday not captured." Voila!

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