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How Do I Add More Users or Team Members to My Account?

Found in: SlickText Basics

Giving other team members access to your SlickText account has never been easier. What's even better, there is no limit to amount of team members you can add to your SlickText account! To get started...

  • Click on your name at the top right of the account
  • Manage Team
  • Add a Team Member

From here, fill in your coworker's information, including email. Then, there are 3 levels of access they can be given which changes what they see upon logging into the account.

  • Admin - Full account access, including personal info, billing, adjusting plan size, and more. This it the same level of access as the account holder.
  • Manager - Full account access to all features, textwords, contacts, etc. Does not have access to the "My Account" tab which houses personal info such as billing.
  • Textword Specific - Users have access to a textword(s), the contacts, features, sending a message, and analytics for that textword(s).

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