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How Do I Add Another Textword to My Account?

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For this question, there are two possible answers. Let's get specific about what the question is really asking.


1.)  How do I create another textword?

Answer:  Once logged into your SlickText account, find the Textwords tab located at the top. From here, there will be an option at the top right to "Create a New Textword." (This takes into account that there is a textword available to use)

Note:  By deleting one your current textwords, you will then be credited back with the option to create a new textword. Deleting a textword completely wipes out all contacts and settings of said textword. Use this option only if you are fully confident that the textword is not needed.


2.)  How do I add more textwords to my plan size?

Answer:  More textwords are allotted with most any upgraded plan size. To gain additional textwords, simply upgrade your plan on the home page of your SlickText account. In some unique cases, you may find there is a need for additional textwords, but not additional text messages. In this case, reach out to us for a custom plan!


* Account upgrades are prorated at the time of upgrade. Billing dates stay the same.

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