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How do I add another textword?

Found in: Textwords

This is a two part question. First, you must check your plan size, and make sure it allows for this addition. If you've run out of textwords, you must upgrade your plan. For example, if you're taking advantage of our free plan, you're allowed one textword. If you want to take advantage of one more, you must upgrade to the Basic $29/month plan. 

Once you've upgraded your plan, you must then do the following.

  1. Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Click Textwords in the Navigation Bar.
  3. On the right hand side, click Set Up a New Textword. 
  4. From that point, type in your textword, set the use case, and determine the frequency. 
  5. Hit Grab This Textword, and you're done. 

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