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How Can I See What Codes We Have Loaded Into Our Account?

When you say, "Codes" you may be referring to our, "Unique Promo Code" feature. This feature takes promo/redemption codes from a .CSV file and inserts un-used codes into your outbound messages by using a place holder in the message. The placeholder is a temporary holding spot for a new promo code, which will be inserted automatically once you hit send. SlickText pulls unused codes from the list you loaded in and inserts them for each phone number being sent a message. After a while these codes can run out and you will need to re-plenish them.

To see how many codes you have left go to the, "Textwords" page, then click, "Unique Promo Codes" and view your current lists of promos loaded. For each record you can see a total used compared to total original amount. If your total used is equal to the total original amount or close to total amount, then you may be close to running out. You may want to load more in.

Typically, ecommerce brands will generate a list of unique promo codes form their merchant service that can be redeemed online at checkout. Each promo code would be unique (this means different) but for the same offer such as $5 OFF total purchase. They would also expire after use. This allows the brand to measure exact redemption and calculate ROI very accurately.

Other industries that use the Unique Promo Code feature include Auto Detail (car wash) where they receive digital redemption codes from their merchant provider. Others include, larger retail, and restaurants where they point-of-sale systems can generate codes in this nature.

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