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Does the Contest Feature Notify Losers?

It sure does! Sending out a losing message is a quick and easy edit to your contest set up. When creating a contest, or editing a contest, find the setting labeled: "Send a message to the contest losers?" and changed the drop down selected from No -> Yes. You'll notice an immediate change occurs on the right-hand side of the contest set up. A new option now appears, which is the message that will be sent out to the contest losers.

A good example of how to take advantage of this feature is when trying to re-market to the subscribers who did not win. This is the same concept as simply sending out a coupon offer.


Sample Message:

Sorry you did not win the $25 Gift card from XYZ business. But we still think you're a winner! Receive $5 OFF ANY purchase!


Note: Setting the number of winners chosen by the system to "0" will negate both the winning and losing messages from being sent out. Learn more about choosing your contest winners here.

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