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Can I Text Using My Landline or Business Phone Number?

The Text to Landline Service is available with SlickText for any paid account. The transition of your current business landline is simple. Upon creating your paid account or upgrading, head into your account settings by clicking on your profile name at the top right of your account, then click on My Account. Next, find the My Number setting on the left. After a short description you will be offered to find and view alternate number options. At this point, you can either choose from a shortcode number, a local 10 digit number, a toll free number, or to text enable your landline. Simply follow the instructions for whichever option you choose.


Note: Landlines are NOT the same as a VOIP. VOIP are not readily available to be used with our system. Contact your VOIP provider to see if you are able to port your number into SlickText.

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