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Can I post my text campaigns to Facebook?

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You have the option to post your text message to Facebook. This is a great way to invite your fanbase to your text marketing list, and vice versa. Kill two birds with one stone, all while building your marketing web of communication.

To share your text on Facebook, click the Facebook logo beneath the text message box.

After you click that button, you’ll asked to login to Facebook and give SlickText.com permission to post on your behalf. Click accept. If the box doesn't show up, turn off the popup blocker in your browser.

Once you've given this permission, a dropdown box will appear. This allows you to choose where the Facebook post will go. You can choose your own timeline or any other page that you're an admin of.

You will also be given an option to tweak your message for Facebook. You'll definitely want to take advantage of this, especially since text marketing has higher open rate and response rate. As a rule of thumb, NEVER send out the same promotion among other channels. Text marketing is exclusive and should be treated as such.

For example, if your promotion says “SHOW THIS TEXT TO GET  20% OFF" do not give the same promotion to Facebook fans. Instead, tell your fans what you sent to your Text VIP's to make them jealous and give them instructions on how to join your VIP list.

Example: Hey Facebook fans! We just sent out an exclusive offer for 1 FREE appetizer to all our VIP's. Sorry if you did not receive the offer. If you would like to recieve future exclusive offers join the list. Text, DEMO to 31996 now.

To edit your message, simply click the tweak message for Facebook link. A text box will appear, and you can adjust your message from there.

Once you've altered your message for Facebook, you have the option to schedule the message or send immediately, just as you do with any text campaign.

You're in excellent hands. We work with some of the world's greatest companies.