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Can I Manually Add Numbers to My List Without the Owner's Permission?

The adding of any numbers without explicit written consent is a direct violation of said users' privacy rights. As such, the adding of that number and sending out of a text to them can and does result in spam complaints, and can go as far as landing in a court of law. SlickText only allows you to manually add numbers to your list as long as you have their clear and expressed written consent.


What does this mean?

Proof of consent can vary based on how the contacts' information was originally gained. Users can text to join your list, sign up via a digital web form, or sign up via a paper form. All 3 of these methods will need to supply the subscriber with proper compliance information. The compliance statement alerts the subscriber as to how many messages per month they can expect to receive, how to remove themselves from the list and to receive help, and that message and data rates may apply.


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