Text Marketing for Restaurants

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easy text message marketing for restaurants

The restaurant industry is one that text message marketing / SMS marketing has had an extremely large impact on. The biggest benefits are to businesses who have frequently repeated customers and are trying to build relationships with them.

So how can a restaurant leverage text message marketing to increase their traffic flow? It's simple. Lets take a look at an example...

While people are waiting for their food, you can simple place a card on the table that says something like "Text "Bobs Italian" to 31996 to get a coupon for 1 free appetizer". It's a given that most people will do just that.

They will then receive an automatic reply with a custom message that you've created. It may say something like "Thanks for signing up for Bob's Italian text only specials. Show this text to your waitress and get 1 free appetizer!"

So what does that do for you? Well once they recieve that message back, they are now added to your text message mailing list so you can communicate to them from now on!

So on a slow Tuesday evening, you can blast out a text marketing message to your mailing list that may say something like "20% off dinner entrees tonight from 5 to 11". You can even send it or schedule it to be sent right before dinner time when people are starting to think about what to eat! You'll be amazed at the traffic you'll get compared to if you hadn't have sent that message out!

Just with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you're not sending them messages too often. We recommend no more than once a week.

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