Text Marketing is Easy for Pizza Shops

We mean it. Really easy!

easy text message marketing for pizza shops

We love working with pizza shops because text message marketing is so simple! They constantly have repeat customers which makes them prime for signing up for text marketing.

So how can a pizza shop use text message marketing / SMS marketing to increase sales? It's simple! Lets take a look...

Pizza is an way of life in today's culture. It's relatively cheap and easy. Pizza to many people = "I don't have to cook tonight". You're job as a shop owner is to make sure people are reminded of that. Let's say when a customer comes in to pick up their pizza, they see a sign that says "text "pizza" to 31996 and get a coupon for 50% off any large pizza". So of course they're going to do so.

Once they do, they will receive what's called an "auto-reply". That's a message, created by you, that they receive back automatically once the message is sent. They then get a coupon that may say something like "Thanks for signing up for our text only pizza deals! Show this text and get 50% off any 1 pizza!"

So now that you've sacrificed half the cost of a pizza, what does that get you? We'll once they text your special "textword" to 31996, their number is added to your text message marketing list so you can easily alert them to specials and deals in the future. The bigger your list grows, the more powerful your text message marketing will become.

On a night when things are slow, you can easily blast a message out to all your customers that can say something like "Free breads sticks with the purchase of a large pizza. Tonight only!". Furthermore you can do it right around 4:45 PM when people are starting to think about what they're going to do for dinner! It's so easy and drives traffic like you wouldn't believe!

Just with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing / SMS marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you're not sending them messages too often. We recommend no more than once a week.

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