Free and Easy Text Message Templates for Any Scenario

Free and Easy Text Message Templates for Any Scenario

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Need to get the creativity flowing in your SMS marketing strategy? Sometimes a boost to your brainstorming is the spark you need to create something amazing, which is why we’ve put together this list of text message templates and examples. They’re free. They’re simple. They’re from us to you — a gift that we hope gets your team thinking big and bold about what you can do with text messages. 

Remember, any texts you send as part of a marketing or communications strategy should be easy to understand and have an obvious call-to-action. With that in mind, here are text message templates for all of your business needs. 

Getting started: The ultimate text template

We’ve provided a giant list of text templates we provide our customers to help them get started with their SMS campaigns but we also wanted to put the building blocks into your hands so you can write your texts from scratch. Here’s an all-purpose text message template that helps you create the perfect text every time. Get started with this template, then view specific examples of this text template in action below. 

One thing to remember, as a best practice we always recommend you start with proper English then move to improper text jargon. Some customers expect text abbreviations so do not feel weird about using them, but it’s also important to know your audience and what will or won’t work with your target demographic. 

Step 1: Announce your business name 

Since your keyword does not matter in your campaign and may not show up after the fact, you must always say the name of the business or organization in your outgoing campaign. If you have more than one location, provide the specific address or city for the location you’re texting about.  

Step 2: Announce the offer 

Figure out what you are giving to your exclusive VIP members. This could be something like a 50% off discount or free shipping.

Step 3: Add requirements 

Keep the offer exclusive to your VIP members. This means if you want the deal you need to be on the list. You could also add a minimum amount the people have to spend in order to get the order. For example, you could offer a free appetizer with the purchase of an entre, or free shipping when you spend $90 or more.

Step 4: Create urgency

You’ll want to prompt people to take action now by making your offer time sensitive. Insert an expiration date or limit the quantity of redeemable offers to a certain number. This helps push people to take action quickly.

Step 5: Provide a call-to-action

You’ll want to give your customers a way to book a table, make a purchase or respond. The best way to do this is usually to insert a URL.

Marketing text message templates

  • Order confirmation: You should definitely be sending an order confirmation text to everyone who places an order through your ecommerce site. This will help instill confidence in your ordering process and also help jumpstart what is hopefully a continued relationship with your customer.  
    • Template: “Hi [First Name], thanks for your order. Your confirmation number is: [NUMBER]. We’ll send you a text with your tracking info when it has shipped. 
  • Shipping confirmation: Who doesn’t like getting those sweet, sweet shipping notifications. Especially when they have the link to track your item directly within the text. You can get as fun with these as your brand allows, but here’s a template for your basic shipping notification with all the important details.
    • Template: “Hi [First Name], your order has shipped! Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Tracking number: [NUMBER] Track your order here: [LINK]
  • Abandoned cart text message: Abandoned cart text messages can help you recover huge amounts of lost revenue. It’s just a simple, automated text but statistics show people do return to their carts to finish their purchases after receiving an abandoned cart text message.
    • Template: “Hi [First Name], it looks like there are still items in your cart. Finish shopping here, before inventory runs low: [LINK].”
  • Special offer: It’s no secret that including special offers in your text messaging campaigns is one of the best ways to grow your text list. Here’s what those special offers usually look like.
    • Template 1: VIP’s get 20% OFF ALL sale items @(BUSINESS NAME WEBSITE) when u use CODE: EXTRAOFF & get an Extra exclusive BONUS! Ends 01/03 @11:59pm PT.
    • Template 2: (BUSINESS NAME) VIP’s: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer ends 1/23 @Midnite. 8 Count ONLY! For every 2 Bottles, you get 1 FREE. Stock up before it ends.
    • Template 3: Get 10% OFF ALL purchases storewide. VIP’s: Buy a 10 or 20ml bottle & get 2nd 50% OFF when you show text. Online orders get FREE ship. Code: FRESHI Exp 04/03
  • Seasonal offer: Seasonable VIP offers are another take on the VIP offers above. They really just give you another excuse to reach out to your customers and build more rapport. At the same time, they can help you capitalize on busy seasons or events in your area 
    • Template 1: It’s Mardi Gras time @(BUSINESS NAME URL) Get your next purchase 15% OFF when you order online. Offer Expires 3/9. Purchase here: [INSERT SMART LINK].
    • Template 2: Now until Christmas @(BUSINESS NAME), VIP’s show this text & purchase a $50 Massage gift card 4 that special someone & get an additional $10 FREE. Purchase here: [INSERT SMART LINK]

Churches text message templates

  • Sermon reminders throughout the week: You know your congregation is hearing your message on Sunday, but is it resonating throughout the rest of the week? Stay in touch during the week with powerful scripture and encouraging reminders from the sermon. Send regular SMS blasts to churchgoers on your text list to help them live out their faith from day-to-day. 
    • Template: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Prov 4:23 In what areas is God asking you to guard your heart better this week?
  • Notifications and announcements: Reminding people where and when you’ll be meeting can help boost attendance each week and could be that extra nudge to bring someone in the door on Sunday. SMS has a far better reach than email or Facebook for keeping people in the know. If your meeting place or service times change, keep your whole group in the loop with one simple mass text or set up a recurring SMS message that our system will push out for you at the same time each week. Don’t rely on your congregation to check the website or read their emails — be proactive and let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them with an SMS. 
    • Template: 🙌 Praise the Lord if you’re ready for Sunday! Services tomorrow are at 10AM and 11:30AM at our Hills Campus: 11285 32St. See you soon! – Pastor Jason
  • Share daily verses: Guiding believers in their faith is a priority for many churches. Send personalized text messages with daily verses to make sure no one falls through the cracks as they learn more about their faith. You can even tutor newcomers with automatic text messages that usher them through the first steps of their journey. 
    • Template: Congratulations, Sarah, on taking the first step of your faith journey. Psalm 119 says: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.” Let’s dig into Scripture together this week to help you learn more about who God is and how to draw closer to him. Reply LETSGO to get started.
  • Delegate texting to ministry leaders: Whether it’s your worship team, children’s ministry, youth group or senior’s ministry — you probably have a tight network of leaders who oversee each initiative. Give them the ability to create their own, ministry-specific text lists so they can send out relevant information to each specific group. Add as many ministry leaders as you want and control their access so they’re only able to send mass text messages to the specific groups they’re involved with. 
    • Template: Youth tonight = bowling 🎳 + pizza 🍕 7:30PM to 10PM. Bring $5 💰 and meet @ the church. We’ll take a bus together.
  • Send and receive prayer requests: You can’t pray for your congregation’s needs if you don’t even know what they are. Text messaging for churches can create a comfortable scenario for people to ask for prayer. You can even have a pastor or church leader initiate a two-way conversation with each individual to ask follow up questions and provide support. 
    • Template: Prayer request: Our ministry teams are handing out sandwiches on Main Street this evening. Please pray for a safe and fruitful evening. 
  • Welcome text: You want to make sure you’re welcome everyone who comes through your doors. Sometimes the best way to engage newcomers and make them feel at home is through a simple text. 
    • Template: Hi [First name], it’s [Church name or pastor’s name]. Thanks for joining us at the service today, we’re so happy you came. Would love to see you again next week. Is there anything you’d like prayer for this week?

Employee communications text message templates

  • Emergency notifications: When a worst case scenario hits the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out how to get a hold of your employees — and what to say. Plan out your emergency communications strategy in advance. 
    • Template 1: [COMPANY NAME] is aware of [EMERGENCY EVENT] that will likely impact operations on [DATE]. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update managers as needed. Check with your immediate supervisor for updates or call [NUMBER] for additional information.
  • Surveys: Surveying your employees to gather information about workplace satisfaction is key to constantly improving your employee experience and retaining a trained workforce. You can use SMS messaging to quickly and anonymously survey your staff.
    • Template: Workplace satisfaction survey 2020. All answers are anonymous. Enter to win a $100 gift card upon completion. To get started reply: START.
  • Reminders for action items: Have you found it difficult to get employees to fill out forms or sign up for seminars or training on time? Sending them a remind text with a link can get them taking action quick.
    • Template: Reminder: Your response is needed. Enrol in benefits by [DATE]. Access your account here: [LINK]