How to Schedule a Text Message to Automatically Get Results

How to Schedule a Text Message to Automatically Get Results

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Updated May 4, 2020

Do you know how to schedule a text? While texting feels like an immediate form of communication, the truth is that many people schedule text messages to make sure important information is sent on time and to the right groups of people. Knowing how to schedule a text can help you stay organized and reach more people at once. Here’s everything you need to know about how to schedule a text message. 

Why use scheduled texts?

Scheduled text messages are becoming an important part of how people communicate — especially businesses and business owners who are looking for ways to maximize a smaller marketing or sales team due to the economic slowdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Knowing how to schedule text messages is a skill that allows you to “set it and forget it.” You no longer have to worry about remembering to contact a customer or group of customers at a certain time. At your convenience, can schedule a text to send and select any date or time in the future. Your text messaging software will do the rest. 

How to schedule a text message

Automating your marketing is one of the quickest ways to reduce overhead and increase customer engagement and sales. To get started, you’ll want to tackle the very simple task of creating scheduled text messages to send to more than one person at once — we’re assuming in this example you’d want to contact a whole group of people, such as letting a segment of your customers know about a sale. Here’s how to schedule a mass text to send at a later date to an entire group of people.

1. Choose your list

It’s entirely possible that you have more than one list of contacts within your text messaging platform, so first things first you’ll want to select which list to send this scheduled text message to. You can also choose to select a segment from within that particular list. 

For example, let’s pretend you’re holding an annual bike race. You might want to text everyone who has signed up to participate in the race (your list) but hasn’t submitted their full registration fee (your segment). 

2. Write your message

Next, you’ll want to compose your message. This part’s quite simple. Your character limit is going to vary depending on whether you send an SMS or MMS. With an SMS, you have a limit of 160 characters. With an MMS you can attach a picture or graphic, and send up to 1,600 depending on if you do so and the size of the image. 

3. Schedule text messages

Lastly, select the date and time that you want to schedule a text message. Remember to be considerate and try to schedule a text message within business hours, or close. 

Schedule a text message, Android

When it comes to the world of scheduling texts, one of the main things people often want to learn is how to schedule a text message for Android. Creating an Android scheduled text is quite simple. You can do so yourself, or through a third party messaging app. Here’s how to create an Android scheduled text message for yourself if you are a Samsung Galaxy user. 

Step 1

Open the Messages app and select your text message recipient. 

Step 2 

Compose your text message. After you’re finished writing your text, select the “+” button on the left hand side. 

Step 3

Select “Schedule Messages” on the next screen. You’ll see a calendar appear — simply choose the date and time you’d like to send your text message. Select done and hit send. 

While this strategy will work for sending individual scheduled text messages from peer-to-peer, it’s not an ideal strategy for business text messaging. In some cases, it could be illegal. You should only use this method to send personal text messages. When it comes to anything business or brand related, it’s smart to look into a professional solution.

Why a scheduled Android text message won’t work for business

Sending text messages for business purposes is a different ballgame than personal text messages. Even though it should seem like you could schedule an Android text message to market your business, this technically isn’t allowed. That’s because business text messages are federally regulated and in order to stay on the right side of the law your text messages have to meet certain requirements such as:

  • Have documentation of opt in: You need to be able to show that anyone you are sending a marketing text message to has consented to receive such text messages from you. You can do this by getting your customers to sign up for text messages via a webform. They’ll then be prompted to confirm that they want to receive text messages from you via an automatic text. 
  • Include clear opt out instructions: Federal guidelines stipulate that consumers need to be informed how they can opt out of receiving text messages from you. If you send marketing text messages via a business texting platform this is typically automatically included in your auto-reply with a phrase such as “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” 

Many small business owners such as freelance hairstylists, contractors, nail techs or estheticians often want to know if they can just use their Android to schedule text messages instead of paying for a costly text message software. While you could technically schedule a text message with Android, it’s not a smart or even impactful business solution. You’re better off finding a business texting platform that’s within your budget. 


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