20 Marketing Tactics You Can Schedule to Automatically Get Results

20 Marketing Tactics You Can Schedule to Automatically Get Results

Marketing Tactics

Deciding what marketing tactics you’ll integrate into your 2019 business strategy is never easy, but we tend to be fans of using marketing tactics you can automate and schedule. This allows you to spend less time doing menial work and more time focusing on your overall marketing strategy. After you schedule your marketing messages you can focus on your other business tasks. Later, you can check the results of your automatic marketing strategies, improve on them and reset your tactics to get even better results.

What are marketing tactics?

Marketing tactics are the strategies businesses use to tell consumers about their products and services. They help you execute on your overall marketing strategy by taking specific action to advance your goals. Marketers today have an ever-expanding list of tactics they can use to get the message you about their brand and drive conversions. That’s why your first order of business as a marketer will be to decide which tactics you’re going to focus on to advance your business goals.

20 Marketing tactics that you can automate or schedule in 2019

Developing a marketing strategy is one part of the puzzle, but executing it is something else entirely. Many times the best marketing strategies fall short because executing takes a lot of grunt work and either it’s hard to motivate your employees, or you simply don’t have enough manpower to get your marketing ideas accomplished.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of marketing strategies you can automate. Setting them up takes some time, but after that you can simply trust the process.

Social media advertising

You can schedule ads to run months in advance and tweak them as necessary.

  1. Paid Facebook ads
  2. Paid Instagram ads in posts
  3. Paid Instagram ads in stories
  4. Paid Pinterest ads
  5. Paid LinkedIn ads
  6. Paid Twitter ads
  7. Unpaid posts
  8. Auto-responders
automated Instagram DM
Slide into those Instagram DM’s automatically with a message that’s sent after someone follows you containing an exclusive offer.

Pros: If you want to succeed at social as a brand you pretty much have to be paying for ads in some way but with advanced metrics on most platforms it’s easy to tell how well your ads are working and test adjustments. When used the right way, auto-responders can provide consumers with an irresistible offer that helps develop the brand relationship. Just make sure you compare the best social media management suites to help you start off on the right foot before you take a deep dive into this area.

Cons: Social media could end up costing you a lot of money and if you aren’t using specific targeting methods the leads you get through social media might not be very qualified. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t just throw money blindly at social without checking the return on investment.

Automated texting and scheduled messages

  1. Text drip campaigns
  2. Text blasts
  3. Text-to-win contests
  4. Mobile coupons
  5. Scheduled surveys
Set up a text-to-win contest that runs on schedule.

Pros: Branded mass texts are seeing increasingly higher open and click-through rates—one study reports 98 percent of people open branded text messages. That’s really high. Automating texts is simple to set up and doesn’t require much time to get going. It’s also nimble, you can quickly change your strategy on the fly. Simply find a mass texting service, get signed up, add your contacts and get your messaging started.

Cons: If you don’t already have a list of subscribers to your text updates, getting one going could take some effort. You can use a text-to-win contest to encourage opt-ins to your list, plus you could encourage people to join it from your website, check out, or in person if you’re a brick-and-mortar store.

Email marketing

  1. Email campaigns
  2. Weekly email newsletter
  3. Media outreach
  4. Emails announcing new blog posts
schedule automated emails
Send personalized, automated emails based on what actions customers take.

Pros: Email marketing gives you a chance to write something longer than a text or a social media post. You can get your voice across and make a sales pitch.

Cons: Emails take a long time to write, and if you don’t have a strong writer on the team it might be something you’ll have to outsource which could cost you quite a bit of cash. Even when you get a series of emails written for a drip campaign you’ll want to continue studying the results and tweaking your message.


  1. Blog posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Videos
schedule blog posts
Schedule blog posts that will go live automatically months in advance.

Pros: These meaty pieces of content can bring traffic to your online presence—if done right. They can also help convert people into paying clients

Cons: While you can create a stockpile of these types of posts and schedule them to be published over a few months, the initial creation of the content takes a lot of work and resources. Once you have everything scheduled they’ll go live automatically, but getting to that point could take longer with this strategy than with others.

Can automating or scheduling hurt your marketing strategy?

Automating elements of your marketing strategy can help you accomplish more with the team you have right now. Plus, scheduled messages can help make sure that important messaging doesn’t fall through through the cracks.

There are some ways automation could go wrong, however. If you decide to incorporate this strategy into your marketing tactics make sure you prevent these mistakes:

  • Sending a message that says “Hi FirstName” instead of using a merge tag to properly insert your customer’s name.
  • Auto-replies that don’t match up to the actual question. It could be a good idea to schedule a basic auto-reply that lets your customer know a person will get in touch with them as soon as possible.
  • Sending automatic texts that were previously scheduled at awkward times, such as during national breaking news or a local weather emergency.

Can you schedule guerilla marketing tactics?  

People often think of guerilla marketing as bumper stickers, publicity stunts, event sponsorships or graffiti. Guerilla marketing tactics grow word of mouth. They’re anything that helps you achieve this in an innovative, low-cost way.

There are actually a few marketing tactics you can schedule that could help your guerilla marketing. For example, a text-to-win contest could help drive word of mouth while growing your list. They don’t cost a lot to initiate, depending on the prize, and you can schedule them months in advance.

Try new marketing ideas to improve your strategy

Since a lot of the menial marketing work can be automated and schedule it’s becoming easier than ever to experiment with new marketing techniques and find something original that works for your business. After you’ve scheduled your tactics, watch the results and make adjustments as necessary.


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