Don’t Chase Business Away: 3 Common Customer Service Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Don’t Chase Business Away: 3 Common Customer Service Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Are you scaring away business with bad customer service? Research suggests as many as 82% of U.S. consumers ditch a brand after one bad interaction. Nowadays your customer service has to be best-of-class from start to finish in order to retain business. Text messaging services, surveys and great record keeping can help you avoid common mistakes that set you back. Here’s how.

Common customer service mistakes

Sometimes your business can unknowingly be giving customers a bad impression. Avoid these mistakes to keep customers coming back.

1. You’re contacting customers the wrong way

Do you call your customers and leave voicemails? Email them? While this could seem like standard operating procedure, you might be surprised to learn that most customers would prefer if you didn’t call or email them. When polled, 85% of customers said they prefer receiving business text messages as opposed to email. And if you think your voicemails are making an impact you’re in for a surprise — a full 29% of customers said they don’t listen to their voice messages at all.

What to do instead: Instead of trying to make your clients adjust to your preferences, meet them where they’re at — on their phones. A full 92% of U.S. adults carry text-enabled phones. It’s simple to set up automatic business text messaging services or you can choose to enable one-on-one texting through your SlickText inbox to provide customized support.

Here are some ways you can use business text messaging services to revolutionize the channels of contact between your customer service staff and your clients:

  • Print a text code on any shipped products. You probably want to know if products arrive damaged or aren’t the right fit for a customer. If you print a code that encourages people to text you if there’s an issue you can start problem-solving much sooner. You can even have clients send a picture of the damage so you can start processing their claim.
  • Provide order confirmations through text message. Often times order confirmations get lost in the shuffle or sent to old email addresses that clients don’t check. Even though it’s not your fault this can still cause frustration for customers who swear they didn’t get a confirmation, can’t remember the password to their email or don’t know which inbox to check. Avoid all of that by texting them the order confirmation straight to their phone. With SlickText’s integration with Shopify, this couldn’t be easier to do. You can plan your automated text messages straight from your Shopify account. Don’t use Shopify? SlickText also integrates with Zapier which acts as a middleman to connect you to many other merchants so you can seamlessly send automatic confirmations. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to set that up. 

2. You’re not keeping strong records

One thing customers can’t stand is getting sent from person to person and receiving different answers each time. An easy way to avoid this is to take strong notes, but sometimes customer services agents don’t. It could be that they get distracted in the middle of writing a note. Maybe they aren’t strong writers in the first place. Or, perhaps they simply don’t think all the information in the call was important. For whatever reason, there are times when details of a customer’s experience fall between the cracks. Not only does this annoy the customer in the moment, but it’s a missed opportunity when it comes to training your own customer service agents in the future.

What to do instead: Instead of relying on your customer service agents to write detailed notes, train them to paste a record of their text message conversation directly in the customer’s file. When you’re comparing business text messaging services make sure you choose one that offers this option. At SlickText it’s simple to generate a link to the chat log after you’re finished and save it for future customer service representatives to review.

The same chat log also works well for training purposes. You can send key chat logs to new team members as part of their onboarding exercises or review troublesome conversations together as a group during weekly or monthly meetings.

3. You receive few survey responses when asking for feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is essential but challenging. Often times you only hear complaints from customers when they’ve escalated, but it’s hard to know about the small annoyances that your customers aren’t really speaking up about. Many times customers will vote with their wallets and simply stop giving you business. You might never know why. To avoid this, business often try to survey customers. But have you ever tried to get responses back on a survey? It can be incredibly challenging. Many people don’t want to take time out of their day to click through whatever link you’ve emailed them. It takes a lot of work and there’s always the fear that any emailed links could be spam. Without this customer data, however, you’re basically running blind.

What to do instead: It’s important to find a way to get real feedback from your customers. Many businesses are having success with text surveys. Sending short surveys through text, especially when they’re coupled with a possible prize or discount, can get customers talking. Here’s what to know if you’re going to use business text messaging services to improve your customer service with a survey:

  • Keep your survey simple. You probably don’t want more than three to five survey questions. Use either multiple choice, numerical response or open-ended questions that allow people to enter information such as their name or email.
  • Use merge tags to personalize your survey. Your survey will be more engaging if you refer to your customers by name or add other personal elements into the text message. You can do this to your questions and responses through merge tags on the SlickText platform.
  • Segment your customers based on their responses. You can provide a better customer experience to your clients by surveying them on their preferences and then using those preferences to customize how you communicate to them or what you contact them about.

Use business text messaging services creatively

New applications of technology, like business text messaging services, are allowing more personal and valuable interactions between customers and brands. By choosing a thoughtful and creative approach to how you can leverage this technology for your customer service campaigns you could surprise and delight clients with a service strategy that leads the field.


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