How the SlickText Zapier Integration Works

How the SlickText Zapier Integration Works

 SlickText Zapier Integration

Zapier is a flexible and powerful integration service that connects popular apps together. With the official SlickText Zapier integration you can now connect your other platforms so that they work seamlessly with our mass texting service. This launch is a huge step forward for us and all of our users. With over 1,100 existing app integrations, Zapier will allow you to supercharge your SMS marketing & mass text messaging programs by enabling you to do things such as…

  • Subscribe new people to your text programs when they are added to your CRM
  • Subscribe new people to your SMS marketing list through chat bots
  • Initiate a series of SMS drip campaigns when a lead is captured on a web form
  • Send one of messages and text blasts when events take place in other software suites
  • Collect emails via SMS and pass that data back to your CRM
  • Capture user-specific data via text message and funnel it back to other software suites

That’s not the whole list of capabilities but it does give you a good idea of where you can get started.

Text message marketing with Zapier

If the platforms you use for your other business activities are compatible with Zapier then you’ll find it’s very easy to start text message marketing with Zapier by connecting your platforms with SlickText. Here are the steps.

1. Select your Zapier trigger

Your “trigger” in Zapier is the action one one platform that will initiate the response from Zapier to “speak to” SlickText so that a secondary action can be performed. Let’s say you have a scheduling platform connected to Zapier. If “rescheduling” is a trigger, when a client reschedules, that will initiate an automatic response from the SlickText platform.

2. Choose your SlickText action

Your “action” in SlickText is the response that will be initiated after your Zapier trigger fires. Using the above example, someone reschedules their appointment you’ll probably want your action to be that you send a message to the contact asking them when they’d like to reschedule.

3. Connect the two platforms

This is as simple as pressing the connect button inside of Zapier. It requires no coding experience and you can have both platforms connected in seconds.

Zapier offers plenty of flexible pricing plans including a free tier to help you test the platform before committing to it. To get the ball rolling, you can visit our SlickText integration page, view some popular zap templates that others are using and set up your first integration today.


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