Why Mass Texting is a Must Have for Schools and Universities

Why Mass Texting is a Must Have for Schools and Universities


Although SlickText may be thought of and regarded as a go to text marketing provider, our mass texting solutions for schools and universities are equally as renowned. Utilizing the power of mass text messaging helps keep parents in the know, encourages staff to perform at their best, and quickly alerts all threatened parties in an emergency situation. To keep it simple, mass texting not only acts as an informative communication gateway, but also could be the one thing that saves lives in a moment of unexpected crisis.

What is Mass Texting?

Mass texting helps you communicate with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of recipients at the click of a button. One single text can be sent to parents, students, and staff at a moments notice. With SlickText, we make mass texting a breeze. With an easy to navigate interface, hands on customer service, and step by step educational resources, our platform acts as a no brainer solution for schools and universities looking to effectively communicate with thousands of parents, students, and staff.

But first, let’s discuss why mass texting is a must have for all educational institutions nationwide; from preschools to prep school and everything in between.

Why Schools Need Mass Texting

mass texting for schools helps teachers
Mass texting for schools and universities even helps teachers stay in the loop.

Fast and Easy Setup

With SlickText, we require no upfront commitment. Want to test the waters? Just head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan. It’s that simple. If you want a little more hand holding, we actually offer free one on one setup and training with every paid plan. Simply upgrade to a plan that fits your desired message volume, and one of our experienced customer education specialists will reach out to schedule your complimentary training session. You can start effectively communicating with parents, students, and staff within moments of signing up. With SlickText, we pride ourselves on offering “no barriers to entry.” We don’t overcomplicate mass texting. You don’t have to be a tech savvy, texting guru to tackle this communication solution.

Thousands of Texts Sent at the Click of a Button

With SlickText, there’s no cap to how many messages you can send. For example, with just a few clicks of a button, thousands of staff, students, and parents can be alerted in the case of an emergency. By choosing mass texting for your school or university, you can quickly and efficiently keep everyone in the know. We even offer send from phone capabilities, meaning you can simply text out a message to thousands of need to know recipients right from your phone. Eliminate logging in to a clunky back end interface, and instead, reach your parents, students, and staff when time is of the essence.

mass texting for schools
Why is mass texting so effective? Think about the last time you didn’t keep your phone within arm’s reach.

Undeniable Open Rate

One of the greatest things about mass texting? The unmatchable open rate. Over 99% of all text messages are opened and read with the first five minutes of receipt. Why? Think about the last time your phone wasn’t within arms length. Or better yet, how many times do you check your phone a day? When you get one new text notification, do you read it immediately, or let it sit for hours on end? Your answers to all these questions will back up this amazing statistic.

At SlickText, we want you to go where the people are. Get your message in front of the eyes of your intended recipients. Stop relying on email, take home flyers, and word of mouth to keep people in the know. In this mobile friendly day and age, these solutions are no longer the most effective.

Keep Parents in the Loop

Why count on notes sent home, phone trees, or even mass emails? As a working parent, you have dozens of different responsibilities, so keeping track of permission slips, school newsletters, and word of mouth announcements seems unrealistic and unreliable. Even if you’re a stay at home parent, staying on top of school communication may not be your top priority. After the house is cleaned, dinner is made, bills are paid, etc. you might have time to take a quick glance at a school newsletter, but that’s not guaranteed. We eliminate that stress and uncertainty by being a reliable and easy to use communication gateway between school administration and parents.

Your Staff Stays in the Know

It’s not just about keeping parents updated. If your staff isn’t on board with and aware of the latest on campus comings and goings, how do you expect them to perform? For example, let’s say a practice fire drill is scheduled for 9AM on a Tuesday. Why not shoot out a text 30 minutes before, reminding teachers of this event? They can schedule their lesson plan around the drill, and make sure their students are prepared to respond in an efficient manner once the alarm sounds.

Emergency Situations Handled in a Timely Manner

Would you believe that mass texting has the ability to save lives in an emergency situation? The quick deliverability, plus the ability to communication with thousands at the click of a button, makes mass texting a go to communication method for schools and universities in crisis mode. And because we have the send from phone ability, as discussed above, you don’t have to hassle with logging on to a clunky interface in order to send a message. Prioritize your safety, and the safety of your student body, by simply sending out an emergency alert right from your phone.

When it comes to school communication, mass texting is easily the best solution. Want to learn more? Give us a buzz at 1.800.688.6290 to walk through account setup, or head over to our pricing page and pick a plan that suits your needs. At SlickText, we put you first. Your account success, above everything else, is our #1 priority. Our robust feature list and dedication to innovation make us a top pick for any school or university searching for an easy to use mass texting solution.

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