How to Deliver a Great Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Company

How to Deliver a Great Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Company

developing a mobile marketing strategy

Mobile marketing is still overwhelmingly important when it comes to finding and retaining customers. Think about the last time you didn’t have your mobile device within arms reach. You probably can’t and you’re not alone. The majority of the population puts mobile first. Smart phones are the new lifeline and in order to succeed in your marketing efforts you’ll need to capitalize on this communication trend.

Be one of the first in your industry to adopt a mobile marketing strategy that offers an impressive ROI. Below are some tips on how to develop this strategy, best mobile marketing practices, and why mobile is now more important that ever.

How to develop a mobile marketing strategy

If you’re looking to get into mobile marketing but aren’t sure where to start, these steps can help you take your strategy from non-existent to advanced.

Step 1: Define your objectives

What are you looking to get out of your mobile marketing campaign? Is it social shares? Follows? Maybe you want to get right down to business, and capitalize on those conversions. Either way, know what it is you’re looking for. If you don’t narrow it down to one to three key objectives, your mobile marketing efforts will be in vain.

You probably know this from other version of marketing but mobile marketing is no different. Defining your goals and key performance indicators is the first step to success for any mobile marketing campaign.

Feeling stuck? Here are some great goals to mimic.

  1. Capture a 35% offer redemption rate with your SMS promo.
  2. Grow your SMS list to 1,000 subscribers in the next 90 days.
  3. Reduce churn (or opt out) rate to less than 10%.

KPIs, or key performance indictors, help you determine what makes your campaign a success. At what point will you look at your mobile marketing results and say job well done? For example, if you’re a retail store sending out a limited time SMS promo, how much revenue are you looking to bring in? These KPIs will help you narrow in on campaign goal setting, and determine whether or not you need to make changes to your mobile marketing strategy.

Step 2: Create mobile buyer personas.

We can’t say this enough: know your customer. If you don’t have a clear understanding of who they are and what they want, your mobile marketing campaigns will suffer. If you don’t get great results you’ll most likely be tempted to drop this effective technique, which will only mean your company falls further behind in the mobile marketing race.

Make sure your customers are well represented in each campaign by creating mobile specific buyer personas. For example, who would want to receive SMS offers from your business? When’s the best time to reach these customers? How much time should you give them to redeem? These are just a few of dozens of investigative questions you should be asking when developing your mobile buyer personas.

Step 3: Make sure you have a mobile-first website

You can’t preach mobile strategy if your website isn’t responsive. Google rewards mobile friendly, so make sure your digital assets are easy to access via mobile device. This makes you look professional, gets a positive nod from Google, and ultimately, will set you up for mobile campaign success. This is a non negotiable.

Since it might take time to get your development team on board with updating the website, don’t forget to start talking about these initiatives early. You can continue to work on other elements of your mobile strategy while you wait for your team to make necessary changes to the website, but it’s best to get this part of your campaign running internally as soon as possible.

Step 4: Launch a text marketing campaign

An MMS marketing campaign is nimble and easy to get off the ground, so this should definitely be one of the first elements you add to your mobile marketing strategy for some quick wins.

What to know before you start mass texting:

  • Gain permission:┬áRemember, especially when it comes to relying on mobile marketing’s sister strategy SMS, permission is a must have. You can’t text people without their consent. Doing so is not only unethical, it’s against the law. A reputable business texting service can walk you through how to do this and make sure you’re following the rules.
  • Add value: Make sure your mobile marketing campaigns provide extreme value. Don’t waste people’s time. It’s not worth it, and will do long term damage to your brand. Think about it. What do you do when a brand contacts you over and over again with horrible promotions? You either unsubscribe from their notifications, or straight up ignore these campaigns. So, as they’re spending valuable marketing dollars to reach you, you’re completely turning a deaf ear and blind eye to their offers. This is a lose-lose for everyone involved.

By following mobile marketing best practices, you avoid these weak interactions. You offer the best experience for your customers, which only bodes great results for you and your campaigns. When your customers are happy, your business starts booming.

Why mobile marketing is important

Need help convincing key stakeholders at your company that mobile marketing should be a priority? Here’s how you can communicate its value to the decision makers you work with.

1. It’s convenient for the customer

Forget your clunky desktop. Bypass cumbersome login methods. Mobile device owners can engage with their smartphone in a matter of milliseconds. It takes little effort to unlock your phone when you receive a new text message. Comparatively speaking, think about how long it takes you to sort through your email every morning? After cracking open your computer, logging in, and eliminating all the junk messages, you probably have little patience for promos; even if they are relevant. This is why we strongly encourage every business owner to move towards mobile marketing. It’s efficient, hassle free, and ultimately, rewarding for both the business and consumer.

2. It offers a great ROI for business owners

As a business owner, you have instant access to all your ready to buy customers. With a mass texting service, you can send one single text to thousands of qualified subscribers in a matter of seconds. With one quick click of the button, you can easily start generating more revenue for your business. Pending you’re following mobile marketing best practices, this strategy can ignite overwhelming growth for your business.

3. It’s not going anywhere

Can you imagine letting your smartphone go? Just tossing it in the trash, and moving on to another communication device? Pretty unlikely. See, mobile marketing is just getting started. It’s not going anywhere, so as a business owner, it’s time for you to hop on board, and give your first mobile promo a try.