Are Your Mobile Coupons Working? Here’s How to Track Redemption

Are Your Mobile Coupons Working? Here’s How to Track Redemption

Sending a mobile coupon through mass text message can be a great way to drive sales for your product or foot traffic to your store. But how effective are your mobile coupons, really? Measuring your redemption rate is crucial to understanding if your MMS marketing campaign needs some adjustments. Here’s how you can properly track mobile coupon redemption.

Tracking mobile coupon redemption

There a several methods for tracking mobile coupon redemption you can use to start measuring the impact of your campaigns.

1. Issue one promo code 

If you issue one promo code to every subscriber you can trace all redemptions back to your mobile coupon campaign. Basically, since there’s only one promo code you’d assume the only way people could have received it was through one of your text messages. This is the most simple way to track redemptions.

For example, let’s say you want to run a discount both in store and online for a 20% discount on T-shirts. If you use the code TSHIRT, then whenever you see this word in your point of sale system you can attribute that to a text marketing promotion.

2. Give every subscriber a different code

Now let’s discuss a more advanced redemption tactic: giving each subscriber their own code. The advantages of this technique are clear — if each person has their own code you can see when and where each individual redeemed it. That way you can start to track patterns to see who is responding to your messaging and which subscribers might benefit from messages that are crafted slightly differently.

It’s really easy to send individual codes. Here’s how.

Step 1: First you must upload your unique promo codes.

  • Go to “Marketing Tools” in your navigation.
  • Click on “Manage Promos.”
  • Click on “Create a New Promo.”
  • Give your promo a name and description. This will be hidden from your customers but helps you stay organized.
  • Now it’s time to upload your list of unique promo codes. Remember, SlickText does not generate your promo codes. So you’ll have to upload a CSV file of your own pre-acquired codes.
  • Once you’ve uploaded that file, select the column with the codes and hit “Create Promo.”

Now, how exactly do you connect the dots and get these promo codes in your mobile coupon? We’ll get to that part next.

Step 2: Start creating a mobile coupon as you normally would, but skip to step four (redemption screen).

  • Choose your redemption type.
  • Go down to the lower right and hit “Insert Unique Promo Code.” A list pops up.
  • Simply click “Set as Redemption Code” next to the promo code grouping you’d like to use.
  • Our system then inserts a unique placeholder, and the rest is history.

Calculating your mobile coupon redemption rate

Measuring your redemption rate will show you just how compelling your mobile coupons really are. To calculate the rate, you’ll want to divide the number of people who redeemed the promotion by the number of people you texted it to.

Example: 55 redemptions/400 people on your text list  = 0.1375 Multiple this number by 100 to get the percentage. In this case the redemption rate is 13.75%.

Tips for boosting redemptions

If your mobile coupon redemption rate isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be, there are a few things you can do to try to improve your text message marketing campaigns.

1. Make it easy to redeem coupons

Don’t complicate the process of redeeming your mobile coupons. Keep it simple. Subscribers can either show the redemption screen at checkout, ask the cashier to scan the barcode, or simply offer up the code on their screen during an online checkout.

2. Use a clear call-to-action

The strength of your call-to-action when you send out a mobile coupon can have a lot to do with how many redemptions you’ll see. Remember to write a simple, concise CTA that directs the reader to take just one action.

3. Limit the quantity available  

One strategy some people employ is to let subscribers know there is a limited amount of promotions available. This could create a heightened sense of urgency. If subscribers know that the promo isn’t a bottomless pit, and has some sort of limit, they could be more motivated to claim your offer. You don’t have to get specific. Even just the phrase “limited quantities” could incite action.

4. Set an expiration date

You want to create urgency when you’re launching mobile coupons. Don’t leave an open-ended redemption window. If you aren’t clear about when the promotion ends, people will end up putting off redemption and forgetting about your offer.

5. Encourage subscribers in person

If you have a brick and mortar location, like a restaurant or store, your front line staff can be one of your best strategies to get people to sign up for your text list and redeem your mobile coupons. Offer weekly or monthly rewards for staff with the most offer redemptions or new signups.

Reward employees for putting in that extra effort. Give them a reason to try a little bit harder. Review creative ways to incentivize employees if you aren’t sure where to start.

6. Tailor your offers

Know your customers, and what kinds of offers they find appealing. Try segmenting your list so you can target different groups of customers with offers that are specific to them. Ideally, you’ll want to get as personal as possible when you’re creating offers — without appearing creepy. Use information your customers have knowingly provided you with to tailor offers that are compelling and helpful to them.

Who uses mobile coupons? Does this feature apply to every industry?

Most industries will find a way to use mobile coupons in their marketing efforts, but not every industry. Although we always encourage our customers to get creative, this feature works best for brick and mortar establishments, especially restaurants and retail locations. Although our mobile coupons can work for online stores, there might be easier ways to promote a discount. For example, you could simply send a plain text and include a shortened link to your discounted product page. Try to think about marketing methods that would create minimum friction when your subscribers go to redeem them as these will likely be the most successful.