How to Separate SMS Offers from Other Promotions

How to Separate SMS Offers from Other Promotions

Let’s say you own a retail store. Your opportunities for product promotion are endless.

  1. You can run a paid offer on Facebook.
  2. You can fire out a unique promo code via email.
  3. You can even post in store flyers.

With all that considered, when SMS marketing comes on scene as a promotional possibility, you might get a bit overwhelmed. You understand the benefits of SMS marketing. You get the concept. But, how do you make your text promos stand out from other in store or online campaigns?

You make it the flagship.

Instead of developing 10 different coupon codes to fire out via 10 different outlets, why not run a promotional web, with SMS marketing being at the center? This prevents promotional saturation, and gets your customers to heavily engage with you via text.

Let’s get started by running through these detailed, step by step instructions.

First, decide on your discount. Are you offering a percentage off? If so, how much? If not, a dollar amount discount is the next best option.

Next, what’s your window for redemption? We recommend no more than 72 hours, and ideally, 24-48. If you don’t create a sense of urgency, your offer redemption will suffer. Subscribers will put it off, thinking they’ll just “get to it later.”

After that, start narrowing down your promotional outlets. Obviously, this offer should be exclusive to your text message subscribers. But, you want to use your other high performing promotional outlets to grow your text list.

You might want to pick from one of the following:

  1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  2. Email marketing
  3. In store flyers/other printed materials

When picking a promotional outlet to pair with text marketing, ask yourself: “What would most grab my subscriber’s attention?”

If you have 5,000 Facebook fans for example, this offers up a great opportunity. But, if you don’t even have a Facebook business page, you should probably focus on something else.

Once you’ve picked your top 3 promotional outlets, then develop marketing materials for each outlet. For example, design a text to join graphic for Facebook. Print up an in store flyer with the same info. If you’re collecting onsite opt ins, tag advantage of our web opt in form builder.

Once these marketing materials are created, double check to confirm that each one includes the proper compliance statement.

It might look something like this:

4 Msgs/month. Reply STOP to opt out or HELP for more info. Msg & Data rates may apply. Terms:

This information is mandatory, and must be included on all promotional materials. Once you’ve double checked all your marketing materials, it’s time to promote your text marketing list and opt in offer.

Make sure your auto reply is set up to include redemption details, and then wave that green flag.

Now, what if your list isn’t growing as quickly as you originally anticipated? First, examine your chosen promotional outlets. Were these the best picks? If you can honestly answer yes, then it’s time to examine your offer.

  • Is your offer irresistible?
  • Is the redemption process hassle free?
  • Did you set a limited window of expiration?

If your offer just isn’t taking off like you originally planned, you probably answered no to at least one of the above. Go back through and back necessary changes, then give your campaign another go.

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