SlickText Launches New Web Opt in Form Builder

Last week, SlickText released a bigger and better version of our old web widget (built back in 2014, so you can definitely say it was time for a change.) Bottom line, we wanted to give our customers more options. We understand how important customization is to the brand conscious business owner, and we heard your cry for a more robust widget builder. After all, what’s text marketing if you can’t rely on top performing marketing tools to grow your list? Our development team worked tirelessly to bring you an industry leading experience.

In addition to a streamlined and aesthetically appealing interface, we’ve also added the following to the newly released opt in form builder.

  • Host your form as a landing page or input on your site
  • Use the form to opt new subscribers in or capture data from current customers
  • Enable, disable, or customize 8 new form field options
  • Customize all form content, including background image, logo, heading, heading description, button text, and more
  • Redirect the button target to a unique URL of your choosing
  • Customize your fine print
  • Edit content on your confirmation page, as well as the confirmation SMS
  • Customize your form style, including form width, font, background image, text color, button color, button text color, and more

Ready to create your first web opt in form using our new tool? Walk through the setup process with Bobby, our customer education specialist, in the video below. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at or give us a buzz at 1.800.688.6290.

Want to see how mass text messaging works? Take out your phone and text DEMO to 31996.

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