High Converting SMS Marketing Offers Require These 4 Components

High Converting SMS Marketing Offers Require These 4 Components

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Getting ready to draft up your very first (or maybe second, third or fourth) SMS marketing campaign? These 4 components are a must have when putting together an irresistible offer. Failure to include even one element could skew offer redemption, and make you second guess SMS marketing as a high performing solution.

Here’s our 4 ingredient recipe for SMS offer success.

  • Business name
  • Exclusive offer
  • Expiration date or timeframe; such as end of the month or expires 12/21
  • Call to action; such as click this link, buy now, show this text

When put together, these 4 components make up something that looks like this. (Taken straight from a real life customer example)

Now until Midnight Fri. @Terror Falls Haunted Farm, VIP’s get early access to $10 OFF tickets. Quantities limited, while supplies last. Buy Now: eventbrite.com/linktoticketinghere

You might be wondering why business name is an imperative element in this 4 piece equation. Of course they should know the text is from you, right? Not necessarily. See, when you operate on a shared short code, like 31996 or 69922, there’s a small chance that your customer might also opt in to another list.

For example, let’s say you own a pizza shop and reserve the keyword PIZZA on 31996. Let’s also pretend the cafe down the road uses our service, and reserves the keyword COFFEE.

Is it pretty likely that your pizza customers might also be coffee drinkers? Yep. So if you send out an enticing offer, without mentioning a business name, or at the very least, your product; you could definitely cause unnecessary confusion. You don’t want your customers heading over to the cafe to redeem a 50% off coupon when that’s your offer. Avoid that situation all together by being crystal clear.

Who is this text coming from? (person or business name)
What are you offering? (BOGO, monetary discount, free gift)
When does the offer expire? (within the next 24 hours, midnight on Sunday)
How do they redeem? (enter promo code onsite, show a text to redeem)

If you want to shoot for an over the top, no fail campaign, also ask yourself “Why?” Why should customers redeem this offer? Is it a limited time special? Do only the first 50 people get to redeem? Is it something you rarely put on the table? This will help you set the tone for your SMS marketing message, all while creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Answering those 4 questions prior to hitting send will give you an A+ offer.

If you’re new to the whole SMS marketing space, you might be wondering: what makes it so special? What are the benefits of SMS marketing? Have no fear, we get this question a lot.

With SlickText, you’ll get superior support. We always put our customers first, and create features and functionality with you in mind. In fact, our entire business model centers around these 5 core values.

  1. Innovation
  2. Education
  3. Customer Support
  4. Compliance
  5. Growth

With SlickText, you can rest assured that success is in your marketing pipeline. Want to schedule a complimentary one on one demo? Let us cater a presentation to your needs, and tell you why SMS marketing is the best solution for you. Email sales@SlickText.com today.

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