Mass Texting Campaigns That Increase Customer Loyalty

Mass Texting Campaigns That Increase Customer Loyalty

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Most companies use our mass texting service to successfully increase customer loyalty. Consumers love it. According to a study cited by MarketingDIVE, 48% of internet users prefer to receive rewards via SMS.

Perhaps this is because texting is a more personal and instant way to reach your loyal customers. These are the customers who’d want to buy from you exclusively and would love immediate access to your latest products and promotions. Because texting is more personal than other conventional marketing channels, it’s easier to build relationships with your customers using SMS.

Here are creative ways you can use mass texting to increase customer loyalty.

Send an exclusive offer to your subscribers.

If you want your loyal customers to look forward to your text offers, make them different from the ones they see on your social media pages or website. It can be a coupon code that can only be retrieved through text or flash offers that are exclusive to those who have subscribed to your SMS program.

Launch a text to win contest.

Make your text messages exciting for loyal subscribers by inviting them to participate in simple games through text. For example, you can ask them to answer a quick multiple choice question about your company and reply via text. Those who text the correct answer will receive a prize that they can claim from your store. You can also run an automated contest with SlickText, and let our system choose a winner at random.

Collect subscriber info; such as emails.

Ask subscribers for basic contact information via text. In exchange, you can offer them incentives like a gift from your store or a discount. Having this contact information allows you to always remain at top of mind awareness.

Remember, before texting your customers, you must have permission. Consent is crucial; as it follows standard SMS guidelines, as well as increases the quality of your subscribers.

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