How to Develop Buyer Personas for SMS Marketing

How to Develop Buyer Personas for SMS Marketing

buyer personas for marketing

A successful SMS marketing program rarely happens by chance. This is often a result of solid planning, creative strategizing, and right execution. It all begins with this first crucial step: knowing your customer.

You’ll build your marketing plan, create your strategies, and execute based on the data that you have. Demographics are just the beginning. The key here is to be specific. The more specific the customer details are, the better your marketing plan would be because it will be targeted.

How can you know specific details about your customers and their buying behavior? You can do this by creating buying personas. A buyer persona according to Hubspot is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Buyer personas includes demographic details about your customers, their motivations, pain points, goals, buying patterns and other details.

Here’s how you can create buyer personas.

Segment your leads or customers.

First, you need to group your customers according to common factors. You can group them by demographics or by similar patterns of behavior. Assign a person for each group. For example if one of the groups represent working moms who are 35-40 years old, you can name this buyer persona “Working Mom Jessica.”

Understand the demographics.

After segmenting your customers, get their age, gender, location, employment, marital status, level of education, income level, and other personal details.

Analyze their goals and motivations.

Dig deeper into the customer’s psyche and get to know their motivations, attitudes, and behaviors. What would motivate them to buy your product? What are their needs? What are their pain points? Pain points are simply problems, dilemmas, or concerns that you can help solve. Go beyond what your product offers on the tangible level. What does it offer emotionally? Does it help improve their status? Does it help make a part of their daily routine easy? Think of how your products or services will make the customer feel.

Consider possible objections.

Now you also need to think about the factors that you think would prevent the customer from buying your product or service. Is it the price? Is it some concerns about not getting the results they want right away? This way, you will be able to craft your marketing plan that addresses these obstacles that might prevent them from buying.

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