How Churches Use Texting to Grow Attendance

How Churches Use Texting to Grow Attendance

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Churches need to be clear about their mission. They need to encourage followers to act towards a common goal, and overall, keep the congregation engaged.

If the most challenging part of running a business is attracting and retaining customers, for churches, it’s growing membership and attendance. And like businesses, churches don’t have a single formula for attaining success with both.

Becoming a member of a church or a faith-based organization is a decision that’s based on highly personal beliefs and experiences. People also tend to build a personal relationship with other church members and their leaders. Faith’s personal nature makes SMS an ideal marketing channel for growing church attendance.

Here are some ways text messaging keeps church members engaged and increases attendance.

Share inspiring messages.

Keep the faith burning by sending your followers short and inspiring messages through text. Your message might just be what they need to hear to feel inspired or to have the courage to face their daily battles. These also reinforce the message that the church is a source of support for members, which would motivate them to come back to hear more of these inspirational messages.

Invite them to participate in a charitable cause or mission.

If a church is organizing charity events or community activities, you can use text message marketing to invite your members to participate. You can also request for volunteers through text.

Text schedule information or gathering reminders.

Text members the schedule of your gatherings and meetings. These quick reminders are sometimes enough to urge them to attend.

Make an announcements.

Announcements about the church’s upcoming activities, prayer requests, and meetings can be done through texting. These text announcements promotes a sense of belonging as members are kept in the loop.

Conduct surveys and ask for feedback.

If you want to keep your members involved, conducting short surveys and asking for feedback through SMS will prompt them to make an effort to contribute to your church activities and causes.