5 Ways Mass Texting Boosts School Communication

5 Ways Mass Texting Boosts School Communication

mass texting for schools

Mass texting is a useful communication tool for the education industry. Teachers, students, and their parents all have mobile phones—which makes it easy for the school to instantly get in touch with them whenever the need arises. It’s a quick way to stay connected with students and teachers, especially when there are important announcements to make. For example, class cancellations due to bad weather can be sent through text.

Here’s 5 benefits mass texting provides to the education industry.

Gives parents a peace of mind.

Text alerts and quick reports to parents. For example, the school can send parents messages notifying them if their child has already entered or left the school premises. This helps parents address possible absenteeism issues. They can also receive text information about parent-teacher conferences or emergency care information.

Easily send workshop or seminar details.

Schools can send workshop or seminar details, including the topic, date, time, and venue. This also serves as a reminder for the students who will be attending the workshop or seminar. The school may also use texting to confirm student’s attendance.

Provide exam schedule reminders.

Schools can remind students about test schedules. Those who are applying to enter a university may receive a text message reminding them of their entrance examination schedule. Enrolled students may receive SMS alerting them about upcoming final exams.

Text out a link to test results.

Students and parents may instantly receive information about the student’s grades and test results. This promotes transparency between parents and their children. This also helps parents monitor their child’s progress in school.

Promote school events and new developments.

Texting allows schools to disseminate information about school events, such as spelling bees, fairs, or festivals. If the school has acquired a new facility, parents and students can be quickly updated via text.

Mass texting keeps teachers, parents, and students updated. It helps schools improve external and internal communications that are integral to school operations and integrity.

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