3 Ways to Segment Your SMS Subscribers

3 Ways to Segment Your SMS Subscribers

segment SMS marketing subscribers

You must know your customers; no exceptions. Understand what they need, what makes them buy, and how your product or service syncs up with that desire. This information helps you develop SMS marketing strategies that sell.

But sometimes, knowing the customer isn’t enough. For over the top results, segmentation does the trick. Divide your subscriber list into smaller groups based on characteristics they share. When creating mass texting campaigns, this helps you keep messages personalized and relevant.

Here’s 3 ways to segment your SMS subscribers.

Separate by demographic.

This is the most basic option. Segment based on gender, age, location, birthday, and more. This way, you can make sure you’re sending exclusive, personalized offers that encourage high redemption.

Separate by purchasing behavior.

You can also segment customers based on their purchasing behavior. For an e-commerce business, you can check past purchases, the products they share on social media, and the items they’ve added to the cart. When you have this information about your customers, you can create SMS offers that act as a complete solution to their problem.

Separate by interaction.

You can also segment customers based on their status. Are they a first time buyer? A monthly shopper? Or maybe they’re a customer who hasn’t purchased from you in over a year. Separate them according to customer status, and then tailor your messages to enhance the offers for each segment.

For example, the way you’d talk to a first time customer is different from a loyal customer who buys from you on a weekly basis. To a first time customer, your text could offer a welcome gift. But a loyal customer should be rewarded with an offer that provides priority access to a big sales event.

When using a mass texting platform, look for a service that allows you to send messages to unique segments. This helps you better focus your SMS marketing efforts, boost customer loyalty, and increase profits.

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