5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads

5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads

how to generate leads

In the marketing realm, you’ll often hear the term leads. Leads are simply prospects who express interest in your products or services. The process of identifying potential customers is what we call lead generation.

After doing your research and developing a marketing plan, lead generation is the next most important step to guarantee growth and success for your business. You need leads to close a sale. Long story short, lead generation drives traffic to your business and increases your chance of making money on a regular basis.

Some of the most common strategies are direct mail, referral systems, word-of-mouth-marketing, networking, and telemarketing. But with the internet and growing number of mobile device users, there are many other creative ways to generate leads.


Webinars are an effective marketing tool, as they’re both entertaining and educational. They’re relatively inexpensive to produce, as long as you have a webcam and internet connection. You don’t need to invite your audience to a physical venue. You just need to set the time, date, and then send them a link to your live webinar. No matter what you teach through your webinar, remember to keep it relevant and specific. Your webinar should address a specific need or solve a particular problem.

Cheat sheet

Cheat sheets or checklists attract attention because they offer an easy to duplicate shortcut. It appeals to the general desire of saving money and time, while still receiving instant gratification. Keep the cheat sheet short and detailed.

Free trial

Some apps or software programs require a firsthand experience to create interest in that product. A free trial is often enough to convince your audience to give you their contact information, and could eventually turn them into long term, paying users.

Quora and blog comments

With a question-and-answer site like Quora, you can answer questions that are directly related to the product you’re selling. You can also comment on relevant blogs and provide insights.  This helps establish your authority to make people curious about what you can actually offer and help them with.


Slideshare is a presentation sharing community owned by LinkedIn. By posting your slide presentation, you drive more traffic to your website, get subscribers for your email or text campaign, and improve your website’s ranking on Google.

When generating leads, remember to offer something that provides real value. Don’t compromise quality just because you’re offering something for free. Instead, make a promise that speaks to the specific desire of your target audience.

What lead generation strategies have worked for you? Please feel free to share below.

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