How to Harness the Power Behind a Mobile Generation

How to Harness the Power Behind a Mobile Generation

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Among all the gifts that digital marketing provides, mobile is the one that keeps on giving. In itself, mobile marketing is a revolution. This tactic puts the power back into the consumers’ hands. They can sift through what marketing messages they want to receive. Oftentimes, they only see content they’ve signed up for. In fact, even SMS operates by permission based marketing standards.

If you’re ready to win with mobile, here’s 3 tips that will jumpstart your campaign results.

Mobile does not sleep.

The first order of business? Accept that mobile marketing does not sleep. People may not watch TV 24/7, but smartphone engagement is a different story. The fear of missing out pushes people to regularly refresh their email, check social updates, and more.

Keeping this in mind, marketers should master a day in the life of their target demographic. What time do they wake up? How do they get to the office? Do they get stuck in traffic? If so, they may have time to engage with short promos during their commute.

Another factor to consider is your customers’ location. You can send them relevant ads based on their whereabouts. For example, let’s say they’re at a local park, and you own a restaurant that’s a few minutes away. The lunch hour is fast approaching. Why not send a meal deal they can claim on their way home?

In essence, marketers must go back to basics. Look at the profile of your potential customers. What are their needs and desires? What does the data tell you? And then, execute your strategy.

Include mobile payments.

Today, even people as young as 12 have access to a credit card, or at least their parents’ payment facilities. As marketers push data or products, they should also add in mobile payment platforms. What separates a mobile payment success from failure? A hassle-free checkout experience. Ideally, the consumer should be able to complete the payment process in just one step.

Content is still king.

Nothing beats the reach and awareness that content marketing provides. Remember, number of shares or likes is never the end goal. It’s engagement that leads to action. In most cases, this action is the consumer making a purchase.

Increasing engagement on mobile is as simple as having your own app. You can reach out to your customers with product updates and promotional offers. Customers can also send you feedback.

Final verdict? Mobile marketing, with all its bells and whistles, is the true winner in the share for eyeballs. Ultimately, it’s the quickest way to lead a customer to the finish line with cash in hand.

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