5 Topic Ideas for Your New Business Blog

5 Topic Ideas for Your New Business Blog

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People have long recognized the value of blogging for business. What just started as a personal webpage or online diary in the late 1990s turned into a valuable marketing tool for businesses today.

Forbes and Hubspot seem to agree on the many advantages of blogging, as they both acknowledge these benefits: it drives traffic to your website, establishes authority in your industry, increases leads, and improves conversion rate.

However, one of the most challenging tasks is coming up with blog topics. Blogging is not a one-time thing for “when you feel like it.” It’s a vital part of your overall content and SEO strategy. Ideally, you should publish at least 16 engaging and high quality blog posts a month, as Hubspot reports that companies who reached this figure received 3.5x more traffic than those who published less than four a month.

Where to Get Blog Topics

To help you regularly publish blog posts for your business, consider gathering information from these topics.

Your FAQs

The questions that customers often ask about your product or service offer a rich source of ideas for your business blog. For example, if you’re selling an all-natural supplement and you always get asked about its ingredients, you can blog about individual ingredients, their benefits, and where you get them.


Tips are a popular blog topic, as they entertain and educate readers. Keep the tips or how-to articles relevant to your products or services. Know what your customers want to learn, improve, or solve on their own; and show how your products or services can help. Make a list of common benefits associated with joining your business.

Industry news and trends

Blogging about the latest developments in your industry shows that you’re a leader in your field. This also includes detailed case studies.

Preview of what’s to come

If you already have loyal followers or customers, giving them a glimpse into product development or your future plans and offers would help spark interest.


Customers often seek information about a product or service online before buying. Blogs that compare products or talk about customer experiences help seal the deal with your potential customer and position you as an industry leader.

Running out of ideas for your business blog? Put yourself in the shoes of your existing and potential customers. Determine what they want to learn. Remember, customers want engaging, informative, and entertaining content that won’t waste their time.

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