Top Resources to Help You Become a Text Marketing Pro

Top Resources to Help You Become a Text Marketing Pro

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If you want to grow your text marketing list and experience campaign success, you must educate yourself on beginner tactics and best practices. It’s as simple as that. At Slick Text, we pride ourselves on dense, yet easy to understand educational resources. We can take you from SMS newbie to text marketing pro in no time at all. Here are a few must read resources.

Study up on texting best practices.

If you aren’t abiding by our best practices, your campaign engagement and list growth will suffer. After reviewing our standards, you will learn more about permission based marketing, and how to best provide value to subscribers while still respecting their privacy and quiet time.

Brief yourself on compliance standards.

When it comes to mobile communication, there are legal rules you have to obey. You can’t just upload a bunch of random numbers and shoot out promotions. This is unethical, and more importantly, illegal. We’re not trying to scare you here. We just want you to understand how important text marketing compliance really is. Learn the rules, respect them, and you’ll be just fine.

Watch our SMS marketing for beginners video series.

If you don’t feel like combing through a bunch of written resources, check out our easy to follow SMS marketing video series. Bobby, our customer education specialist, will brief you on the basics of SMS in two to three minute clips. You will learn more about the definition of SMS, how to grow your list, how to send your first campaign, and so much more.

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