How to Pitch Text Marketing to Your Boss

How to Pitch Text Marketing to Your Boss

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Let’s say you work for a small business, or you’re the head of marketing at a large corporation. After comparing SMS open rates to that of other popular methods;  it’s no contest. Over 90% of all text messages are opened within five minutes of delivery or less. But, how do you convey this awesome opportunity to your boss? Before you blaze trails with text marketing, you need a nod of approval. Open up the conversation with these 3 persuasive tips.

1. Prepare for the whole, “Will our customers get upset?” conversation.

People who don’t understand mass texting might have concerns about spamming customers. Initially, they picture text marketing to be a mass spam method. Upload a bunch of random numbers, fire out your promotion, and hope for the best. This is 100% false. Make sure your boss understands the basics of permission based marketing and compliance standards.

2. Spotlight the affordability.

If you’re looking for approval from your boss, they’ll easily be motivated by price. Put our free forever plan at the center of the conversation. When you start off on that plan, there’s absolutely no risk. You can test drive our service at your convenience, with absolutely no skin in the game.

3. Throw out some well known stats.

When all else fails, hit them with cold, hard data.

  • The average American looks at his/her cell phone 150+ times a day.
  • 22% of text messages with valuable offers are forwarded to family and friends.
  • The average redemption rate for a mobile coupon is 20%.
  • 70% of Americans would like to receive offers from their favorite businesses right on their mobile phones.

Join forces with our mass texting platform today. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan. We offer dozens of easy to use features that will grow your list and engage your subscribers. From drip marketing campaigns to email capture, we have something for every savvy marketer.

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