Take the Stress Out of Corporate Communications with SMS

Take the Stress Out of Corporate Communications with SMS

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You send out internal emails, but nobody seems to care. You post flyers in the break room, but they get torn down. You really need to up your internal communication strategy, but have no idea how. If employees are continually ignoring your messages, can you really force them to pay attention? Not necessarily.

But, you can go where they their eyes are. Send your messages to the one device that everyone (probably) owns. Did you know that over 90% of all texts are opened within five minutes or less? Imagine using SMS as your main employee communication channel.

Event/Meeting Reminders

Now Tom in technical support has no excuse for missing the annual fiscal review. When using text messaging for internal communication, there’s a great chance that every single employee will read your alert.

Emergency Notifications

If danger arises, you can immediately alert all on campus staff. Text messaging gives you the ability to reach all staff within a matter of seconds.

Administrative Updates

Keep everyone in the loop when it comes to HR and administrative updates. For example, let’s say your organization participates in an annual blood drive. You might text employees something like: We’re collecting donations for the annual blood drive today and tomorrow! Sign up for a slot in Room 321.

Don’t forget to inform your staff.

  • Ask your boss to make an announcement.
  • Print details in your weekly newsletter.
  • Share info via email.
  • Post a flyer in your break room.

Grow with a text messaging platform that makes employee communication a breeze. Now, don’t completely dump email and break room flyers. These can still be effective. But, think of them as an extra. Make text messaging your core communication tactic, and watch as employee involvement increases. Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or shoot us an email at info@slicktext.com. If you’re ready to sign up, you can head over to the pricing page and test out our free plan.

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