Here’s How We One Upped Our Platform in 2016

Here’s How We One Upped Our Platform in 2016

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2016 was a red letter year for Slick Text. More than ever, we honed in on “giving the people what they want.” If you had a new feature request that’s been pending for a while, chances are your wish came true. In case you missed out, here were some of our biggest achievements.

Interactive mobile coupons made offer redemption a piece of cake.

In 2016, we launched our powerful mobile coupon feature. With this addition, you can text interactive mobile coupons to your list. These coupons include click to call, click for directions, an automated redemption countdown ticker, and so much more. Because we fully understand and respect the power of visual marketing, we even included a space on the top of the coupon for your own unique image. If you own a product based business, this header image will definitely help you seal the deal.

Admin capabilities simplified account management.

As a business owner or marketing manager; you simply can’t do it all. Delegate out SMS responsibilities using our admin capabilities. You can give account admin access, manager access, or textword specific access. These roles help you stay organized and on top of your SMS marketing campaigns. Assign this responsibility to a capable member of your team, and watch as your list growth soars. Now, with the admin role, you have access to absolutely everything. This is best reserved for the account owner. For the manager role, the My Account tab is completely removed. This means the manager can’t access financial information, account details, inboxing, etc. Finally, textword specific access is just that. You can only access campaign data for one specific textword.

In 2017, text messaging is a must have for your marketing strategy. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or shoot us an email at We’re an industry leader, and we’d love to be your provider. Our customer support is second to none, and our educational tools will make you a texting pro in no time. If you brief yourself on best practices, compliance basics, and beginner techniques, your list will grow in no time.

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