How to Promote a Product Launch with Mass Texting

How to Promote a Product Launch with Mass Texting

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Because mass text messaging boasts an undeniable open rate, thousands of retail store owners use SMS to promote new product arrivals. Here are a few launch campaign ideas. Remember, make sure each campaign delivers a load of value. If your subscribers don’t see value in your messages they’ll ignore them; or even worse, unsubscribe.

If there’s a high enough demand, you can collect preorders via text.

Text out a link to subscribers, and offer a percentage or dollar amount off. If you don’t feel comfortable discounting new product, you can limit the amount of preorders available. Limited quantities creates a sense or urgency, which will then encourage the maximum offer redemption.

Give subscribers a sneak peak.

Let’s say you’re a fashion designer getting ready to debut your spring collection. Generate some prelaunch buzz by texting out backstage photos of your spring line. You can also announce the launch date, or even include more information about an early access discount. If you want to take it one step further, run a text to win contest, and award a handful of lucky subscribers with pieces from your new collection.

Send out launch party invites.

Make the most of your product launch. Host a small get together, and invite SMS VIPS to celebrate. When it comes to grand openings or product launches, use mass texting to get the most bang for your buck. If it’s an invite only event, allow “show this text” access.

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