Here’s How Podcast Personalities Use Text to Download

Here’s How Podcast Personalities Use Text to Download

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Text marketing isn’t just for those selling a product or service. If you operate in the digital space, have a decent sized following, and want to quickly and efficiently engage with your community; text messaging is the perfect solution.

1. First, upload your download.

Most podcast personalities choose to offer free PDF downloads. As a special reward to their dedicated listeners, a show recap or exclusive bit of information will keep fans engaged. It also helps the podcaster achieve top of mind awareness. Listeners remember you, your show, and what you have to offer. First step? Upload your download to the server. If you’re using WordPress, it’s as simple as adding a PDF to your media library.

2. Reserve a keyword and create your auto reply.

To keep it simple, most podcasters choose to reserve something similar to their episode number. Then, link to your free download in the auto reply. With our link shortener, you can track the amount of link clicks, which then gives you more insight into how well your download is being received.

3. Outside of downloads, text marketing can also be used to send webinar invites, show reminders, and more.

If you market this exclusively as a text to download opportunity, you will need subscribers consent to continue communication. For example, let’s say on air you say “To download today’s show notes, text EP41 to 31996.” Although listeners might text in to claim this download, they have not given consent for further communication. To change this, include opt in instructions in your auto reply.

It might look something like this.

Thanks for listening! Here’s show notes for episode 41 To continue receiving exclusive information, reply with the word PODCAST. You’ll be added to our SMS list, and receive weekly webinar invites, extended episodes, and more.

If you’re a budding podcast personality, you definitely need to join forces with Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or shoot us an email at Aside from following SMS best practices, you’ll find the most success when you think outside the box. Text to download helps podcast personalities engage with and reward their audience, and is a unique spin on text marketing.

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