4 Often Overlooked Text Message Marketing Best Practices

4 Often Overlooked Text Message Marketing Best Practices

text message marketing best practices

Our rapidly advancing digital world forces marketing managers to step up their strategy. If you’ve been exposed to text marketing in the past, you understand the importance of following best practices. With any marketing tactic, there’s always a set of rules and regulations. Here’s some text message marketing best practices that sometimes float below the radar.

Your send time is inconsistent.

One week, you send an offer on Wednesday at 10:30AM. The next week, you fire out a promo on Saturday at 11:50PM. When there’s no consistency in your message scheduling, you simply won’t get as many eyes on your offer. This means more opt outs and less redemption.

Your offers don’t peak their interest.

So let’s say you’re keeping a consistent campaign schedule. That’s great; and the first step to success. Beyond that, your offers must appeal to the subscriber. Don’t just offload leftover inventory. Don’t offer measly discounts or fire out generic announcements. Doing so will cause higher opt out rates and a decrease in offer redemption.

Your promotional materials are misleading.

When promoting your list, you must be crystal clear about what it is customers are opting in for. Don’t forget to also include your compliance statement somewhere on the promotion; as this acts as your “fine print.” Additionally, don’t tout your promo, but then forget to disclose details. Your opt in incentive should be the highlight, but customers should also be aware of the possibility for recurring messages.

You collect a bunch of unqualified numbers.

Let’s say you grow your list to 1,200 subscribers. On the surface, that looks great. But, after digging a bit deeper, you realize that only 90 people are actually interested in and regularly redeeming your offers. That’s a complete waste of your text messaging efforts. You’re throwing away valuable marketing spend, and annoying potential customers on top of it.

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